Reason Why Leptin Is So Important


There are many reasons why women need a different approach to weight loss than men. Here are some of those reasons:

High Levels of Leptin – Woman contain twice the amount of this important fat burning hormone than men do.
Resistance to Leptin – The female body tends to resist the fat burning benefits of leptin.
Counterproductive Dieting – It is very common for leptin levels to radically drop once a woman starts fasting therefore hindering her weight loss efforts.

Developed by John Barban, the venus factor book highlights a system known as, Metabolic Override (MOR). It is a beneficial weight loss program which helps increase the levels of leptin in a woman’s body while helping the body recognize it’s purpose and benefit resulting in a slimmer body.

As a perk, these heightened leptin levels that are now being utilized will allow for an occasional reward such as your favorite sweet treat, without the added weight gain and guilt.

Through some specific changes in your diet and an important 12 week exercise plan, the low leptin levels will begin to rise and the key benefits of this specially devised program, The Venus Factor, will be apparent.

The plan to reshape your nutritional goals using the “12 week undulating metabolic override system”, is a natural way for woman to burn fat by speeding up their metabolism.

It works fast to tone muscle and drop body fat by utilizing a Virtual Nutritionist Software, eating specific amounts of calories depending on what day it is, and calculating which food items would be of most benefit throughout the week.

The biggest fact that really hammered it home here is that Leptin resistance in the body is at its peak levels directly after pregnancy. Pouring through studies that worked on how to regulate a pregnancy weight gain back to normal size, the Venus Factor crew found that through the use of supplements, the structure of a properly designed exercise program, the fasting type diet that only allows the right foods at the right times and getting the proper amount of sleep each night, women could lose weight faster and easier than ever before.

The program begins as many do, deep in the fabric of scientific study and data gathering. The author realized that when trying to target why a woman struggles to lose weight when a man does not, that there must be something else going on at a deeper cellular level. He was quite right.

He and the collaborators of The Venus Factor have been globally awarded for their muscle building and nutrition contributions, and use this authority to bring together a product that targets the real scientific culprit behind the struggle with women’s weight loss.

A central part in the program is the Venus Index. It takes your waist, hip and height measurements into consideration (see picture above of the Virtual nutritionist), and it will tailor the diet to your needs.

Women face more trouble as compared to men in term of receiving these particular signals coming from leptin effectively. As a result, women find it more difficult to regulate appetite. This explains why most women have the tendency to put more weight particularly after giving birth. This is normally the time that they find it hard to shed excess fat.

Leptin resistance goes higher after childbirth and the result is evolutionary advantage to keep womens’ bodies in the mode of fat storage due to address stress in pregnancy against food or famine shortage.

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